Our Philosophy

Above all, good architecture must reveal itself through experience of the end product without qualification or explanation.
We believe that good design comes from a creative response to context in the broadest sense. We like to work closely with the client, the site, the contractor and building process, the budget, and the times.

We trust that a careful response to these aspects will lead to a building that best serves its users and also acknowledges the environmental responsibilities of construction in our time.


A meeting of minds.
Bespoke, holistic response.


Connecting with Site and Time.


Enthusiastic about atransformative design process.

The Team

The NWA team is filled with people that are vibrant and have joie de vivre.

We understand problems on a human level, and enjoy a diversity of projects and scales. A general team ethic of understanding and dedication is consistent throughout our work individually and together. A combination of experience and innovation allows for interesting and practical design solutions. At the core of our team is a desire for thoroughly planned and well thought through design.

Every member is dedicated to a rigorous process of designing with the individual as well as the whole in mind. Every project will be discussed in a group setting where ideas and styles can be evaluated for the highest level of design quality and to make sure hat no small detail is overlooked.

Nicholas Whitcutt

B.Arch (Wits) SACAP
Chief Architect

Jaynash Dahya

BArch (UJ)

Michaela Rothaug

Dipl.-Ing Architect (TU Darmstadt)
Senior Architect

Karista Robert

BAS (Wits)

Sherrie Leigh Lowe

BA (Psych & IR) (Wits)
Office Manager

Benjamin Gaybba

NDIP: Architectural Technology (NMMU)

Connect with us

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