Our Featured Work

2012 – 2014

Northmead Mall

A complete rework of an existing shopping centre which included re modelling circulation, all public spaces, shopfronts, entrances, services and exterior facades.

Nicholas Whitcutt, Michaela Rothaug, Adeline Gruber, Juan Le Seuer,
Renaldo Goodall, Vedhant Maharaj, Preciosa Nunez, Bobby Labrou,
Jessica Wyszkowski-Korwin, Deirdre Botha

2004 – 2006

Gale Road

The project is located at an interesting nexus between a very leafy suburban area (Westcliff), more recent corporate buildings (Empire Road) and older industrial buildings (the Gasworks, the old Richmond Steam Laundry-now destroyed). This, together with the fact that we were adding to an existing building on a layered landscape, made the notion of collage a useful conceptual driver.

Nicholas Whitcutt, Luigi Salemi

2002 – 2008

Greenhouse Project

People’s Environmental Centre


This project evolved out of Earth life Africa’s desire to have a practical entity looking at exploring environmental issues in a way that challenges legislative obstacles in the trenches as opposed to on paper. The project looks at many different types of sustainability (active, passive, primary materials, more high tech) in combination. Projects concluded include a recycling center; re-use of a potting shed as offices; a rammed earth/straw bale/timber conference/meeting space and various proposals around the restoration of a 1939 industrial conservatory.

Nicholas Whitcutt, Michaela Rothaug, Desiree Ellis, Luigi Salemi, AnestaDu Preez, Mosaic by Tebogo Ramakone


Ollie’s Garden

Built in memory of a young pupil at the school, this project was more an architectural structure for a landscape that gives space to the past, the present, and the future; to memory and imagination. An overlay or meandering pathways through the long grasses and aloes intersecting a main stair give time for pause and reflection. The flowing stream that runs through the paths maintains a dynamic flow of energy and movement in the space.

Nicholas Whitcutt, Michaela Rothaug, Jacqueline Casson

2004 – 2006

Hertex Parkhurst

Showroom for a fabric house. Parkhurst is a suburb that, in common with many older Johannesburg neighbourhoods, has a heritage base but also has an evolving contemporary element. Our aim here was to have a building with one foot in the future and one in the past, but finds a balance between them that resonates with all visitors.

Nicholas Whitcutt, Jessica Wyszkowski-Korwin


Maldives – Keramintha Resort

The design of a masterplan for a resort on a remote atoll in the Maldives, together with more a detailed proposal for a main villa and PA houses. We looked to anchor place through verticality on an overwhelmingly horizontal landscape. The brief and project had a playful, castaway feel.
The project involved tight timeframes for choosing sites, reviewing case studies and establishing networks and regulations in the Maldives, and putting together a professional team (surveyor-performed complete survey of island; engineer, QS and electrical/water engineer).

Nicholas Whitcutt, Michaela Rothaug, Vedhant Maharaj, Preciosa Nunez, Bobby Labrou, Jessica Wyszkowski-Korwin, Deirdre Botha


Skukuza SLI

Ollie's Garden Ridge School

Literacy Lab

Jozi Book Fair

Greenhouse Project


The Valley Road


Kerry Road

Brick Cottage

Galway Road

Crescent Drive

Forest Pavilion

Campbell Road


Barkly Road

8 Unit Maisonettes

Gale Road

Waverly Residence



Hertex Pakhurst

Hertex Kramerville


Northmead Mall

Consultation Container

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