Nicholas-Whitcutt Architects

People. Places. Passion.


About us

We love what we do

For NWA good architecture is simple: We have done our job if you love the space.

From a newly designed house, to the renovation of a room, to a mall or a game farm - We have done it all and we make sure that you enjoy moving, living, laughing and loving in the space.

Our approach is straight forward: You brief us and together we find the best solution. NWA does all the background work from site visits, finding and working with contractors, building regulations, budget, timeframes.

NWA stands for sustainability, innovative design and creative solutions.

What we do

Delivering The Best

Above all, good architecture must reveal itself through experience of the end product without qualification or explanation.

We believe that good design comes from a creative response to context in the broadest sense. We like to work closely with the client, the site, the contractor and building process, the budget, and the times.

We trust that a careful response to these aspects will lead to a building that best serves its users and also acknowledges the environmental responsibilities of construction in our time.



A showcase of our projects

Please take a look at some of our recent and past projects. We've had the pleasure of being involved in the educational, residential and commercial industries for numerous years. Images from a handful of our projects are displayed here for your perusal.

How can the poem and the stink and the grating noise—the quality of light, the tone, the habit and the dream—be set down alive? When you collect marine animals there are certain flat worms so delicate that they are almost impossible to capture whole, for they break and tatter under the touch. You must let them ooze and crawl of their own will onto a knife blade and then lift them gently into your bottle of sea water. And perhaps that might be the way to write this book—to open the page and let the stories crawl in by themselves.

—John Steinbeck