Please take a look at some of our recent and past projects. We've had the pleasure of being involved in the educational, residential and commercial industries for numerous years. Images from a handful of our projects is displayed below for your perusal.

Highlighted project

Skukuza Science Leadership Initiative

The SSLI Centre is a partnership between the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS), the Nsasani Trust, and the Scientific Services division of SANParks in the Kruger National Park (KNP). It is a flagship project with two primary goals – to enhance scientific experiential learning opportunities and provide a platform for academic exchange in the field; and to demonstrate to managers, tourists and students the feasibility of low impact living by showcasing the ways in which sustainable design and facilities management can reduce the environmental impact of daily living.

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"The Skukuza Science Centre building project has been an incredibly rewarding project to witness coming to life. We (Nsasani and OTS) began this process in 2011 with a vision in our heads of a green teaching facility, but never imagined the project would have turned out so well. The opportunity to be closely involved with the design and to work with such a responsive team of architects who took our vision and merged it with theirs to make such a stunning end product that we feel good about using and promoting has been incredibly rewarding.

Not only does the space function as intended, providing all the necessary teaching spaces, but it is an absolutely beautiful space to be in and to teach in. The centre evokes a feeling of peace and stillness, a place where one really can contemplate the issues they are learning on a deeper level. Returning from the field or a game drive and entering the Center you do not feel a sense that you have left the wilderness and entered a confined building but you feel that you are just moving between learning spaces that are all connected to the environment you are learning about.

Almost every academic group that utilizes the site comments on the beauty and uniqueness of it and we even have some groups that book the site exclusively to use it as a teaching tool for design that embodies nature's principles. We are so grateful to the architects for joining us on this adventure to new territory and are excited to see where the subsequent phases of this project go."

Karen Vickers

Nsasani Trust, Director

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art.

—Arne Jacobsen