What we do

How we do what we do

Team ethic

A general team ethic of understanding and dedication is consistent throughout our work.

Practical designs

A combination of experience and innovation allows for interesting and practical design solutions.

Thoughtful design

At the core of our team is a desire for thoroughly planned and well thought through design.

Rigorous process

Every member is dedicated to a rigorous process of designing with the individual as well as the whole in mind.

Attention to detail

Every project will be discussed in a group setting where ideas can be evaluated for the highest level of design quality and to make sure that no small detail is overlooked.


What we do

Delivering the best

Above all, good architecture must reveal itself through experience of the end product without qualification or explanation.

We believe that good design comes from a creative response to context in the broadest sense. We like to work closely with the client, the site, the contractor and building process, the budget, and the times.

We trust that a careful response to these aspects will lead to a building that best serves its users and also acknowledges the environmental responsibilities of construction in our time.

How we work

How we find a solution for you

  • We design and materialise your dreamhouse
  • We tailor-make your business premises to reflect your business philosophy
  • We form your campus around your education philosophy
  • We pick your brains, we read your minds, we tickle it out of you and we find out together with you what your dream is.
  • We materialise it, we take obstacles out of your way, we shoulder the admin to allow you to focus on your design process.

How we give you smooth sailing

What makes us tick

We take care of pre-screening of your premises, we assist you with property evaluation and assessment before you make an educated decision to purchase, we take care of approvals and certificates, we enlist builders, subcontractors and we take care of the unsexy bits of building. We navigate your journey through the building process to your dream building.

Our biggest driving force is to use our design abilities and our green expertise to help make you independent, steer you towards getting off the grid and towards your self-contained piece of the world.

We are experienced sustainability architects, we are committed to eco principals, low carbon footprint, climate awareness.

Standard services

Stages one to six

NWA follows stages one to six as per the Client Architect Agreement of the South African Council for the Architectural Professions (SACAP)

  • Stage 1 - appraisal and definition of brief
  • Stage 2 - design concepts
  • Stage 3 - detailed design resolution
  • Stage 4 - council submission and tender process
  • Stage 5 - contract administration and inspection
  • Stage 6 - close out (including Occupation Certificate)

Special Services

We also offer

  • We identify properties
  • We assess and do feasibilities prior to purchasing a property (commercial or residential)
  • Heritage applications (residents’ associations, provincial agencies; national agency)
  • Measuring up and documentation of existing buildings
  • Design of purpose made items (furniture, joinery, landscaping elements, screens…)
  • Project Management on request

Heritage Approval

We provide documentation and presentation for Heritage Approval to

  • Joint Plans Committee (JPC)
  • Parktown Westcliff Heritage Trust (PWHT)
  • Provincial Heritage Resource Agency Gauteng (PHRAG)

NWA is a recommended heritage architect by the JPC Heritage Portal.

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.

—Frank Gehry